Since October 2000, OEBi brings together schools and professionals committed to the development and expansion of bilingual education in the State of São Paulo, Brazil.

Educators and professionals involved in this type of teaching come together, exchange information and experiences, improve concepts, disseminate methodologies and discuss the most modern and effective techniques in the field of knowledge transmission and cultural formation.

The quality of teaching as the main feature, together with the nurturing of well-being, the development of self-confidence and individual skills and the encouragement of learning, allows us to guarantee a broad, reliable and efficient service in order to meet the most demanding educational goals.

In addition to these attributes, the associated schools are equipped to offer specially planned activities and many practical opportunities for students' physical, intellectual, social and creative development.

Sharing objectives and commitment to education was the motivation for the creation of OEBi, which, since October 2000, has brought together schools and professionals who believe in bilingual education.


Now it's law: socioemotional in schools

Até 2020, todas as escolas brasileiras deverão incluir em seus currículos as habilidades socioemocionais, seguindo as novas diretrizes da Base Nacional Comum Curricular (BNCC), documento oficial que orienta os currículos das escolas...

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OEBi IX Sports Festival

Esta semana acontece a 9ª edição do OEBi Sports Festival, uma grande celebração com as escolas bilíngues associadas. Mais de 1000 crianças, que irão participar entre os dias 20 e...

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Curriculum Bank

With the objective of making it possible to place education workers in one of our schools we created the “Curriculum Bank”.

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