The new family routine in times of pandemic

Many families are now facing the difficult task of reconciling work routine (for many, at home) with children (also at home!) And taking on the roles of caregiver and educator at the same time, in an integral way. It is, without a doubt, a sudden turn of the route for fathers and mothers, but also for children, who are seeing their day to day turn upside down. Continue reading “The new family routine in times of pandemic” Continue reading “A nova rotina familiar em tempos de pandemia”

School: what to take into account when choosing?

The search for a school requires organization, after all it involves several visits and mobilizes an entire family. This organization can start by creating a list of all the important criteria for those responsible. Continue reading “School: what to take into account when choosing?” Continue reading “Escola: o que levar em conta na hora da escolha?”

Now it's law: socioemotional in schools

By 2020, all Brazilian schools must include socio-emotional skills in their curricula, following the new guidelines of the National Common Curricular Base (BNCC), an official document that guides the curricula of schools in Brazil (public and private schools). Continue reading “Now it's law: socioemotional in schools” Continue reading “Agora é lei: socioemocional nas escolas”

Flexible spaces at school: after all, what does this mean?

Lighting, acoustics, furniture layout, colors, spatial organization… what does all this have to do with education? Finland's super successful educational system, for example, has the mantra: "better architecture contributes to a better school experience". In recent years, the term classroom design has gained strength supported by research that shows the significant impact that the classroom has on children's academic progress. Continue reading “Flexible spaces at school: after all, what does this mean?” Continue reading “Espaços flexíveis na escola: afinal, o que isso significa?”

What is mindfulness and what does it have to do with children?

In February of this year, the British government announced the implementation of a comprehensive study on the well-being of students based on the practice of mindfulness, which is now part of the curriculum of at least 370 educational institutions. The objective of this initiative is to reduce stress levels and help children and adolescents to deal with feelings and challenges. Continue reading “What is mindfulness and what does it have to do with children?” Continue reading “O que é mindfulness e o que ele tem a ver com as crianças?”

Sustainability at school

Sustainability is a concept with broad meanings, which can and must be present both in educational practices and in school management. When we ask ourselves what world we want for the future of our children, we believe that this cannot be a rhetorical question: this world must be built through the experiences that boys and girls have throughout their schooling. Continue reading “Sustainability at school” Continue reading “Sustentabilidade na escola”

OEBi enters into partnership with Instituto Fazer História

The Organization of Bilingual Schools (OEBi) entered into an important partnership with Instituto Fazendo História (IFH)a non-governmental organization that has been working for more than 10 years in the development of children and adolescents living in shelters. Today in São Paulo there are about 180 shelters. IFH is present in 70 of these shelters and is supported by approximately 800 volunteers. Continue reading “OEBi closes partnership with Instituto Fazer História” Continue reading “OEBi fecha parceria com Instituto Fazendo História”

The child, spring and the perception of time

With the arrival of spring, the surroundings are colored and perfumed with flowers. The birds sing filling the day with their melody. And children bounce happily playing on pleasant spring days. Everyone feels the arrival of spring with joy after winter, which typically has a climate that brings greater recollection. Continue reading “The child, spring and the perception of time” Continue reading “A criança, a primavera e a percepção do tempo”

School holidays and back to school

The school vacation period is often seen by families as a challenging moment, when they try to reconcile work, child care and leisure and rest activities for the whole family. Some families are unable to make the vacation period from work coincide with the school vacation period, especially since the child has vacation twice a year, while adults have only 30 days. Continue reading “School holidays and back to school” Continue reading “Férias escolares e volta às aulas”