Name, headquarters, duration and purpose
ORGANIZAÇÃO DAS ESCOLAS BILÍNGUES is a non-economic entity, under private law, with administrative and financial autonomy, governed by these ByLaws and the laws applicable to it, hereinafter OEBi.

The purposes of OEBi are to:
✓ Promote and disseminate Bilingual Education through the socialization of knowledge and knowledge.
✓ Pursuing excellence in Bilingual Education through training and exchange of experiences among Education Institutions.
✓ Recognition as a qualifying organization for Bilingual Education institutions with an emphasis on educational quality and academic excellence.
✓ Inclusion of bilingual schools and professionals committed to the quality of teaching; promoting well-being, stimulating learning, and human growth.
✓ Promote the relationship between the bilingual community involving parents, professionals and students.

OEBi's values are:
✓ Commitment to the quality of Bilingual Education.
✓ Value and invest in human resources.
✓ Respect cultural diversity.
✓ Transparency and ethics in professional and commercial relations.
✓ Strengthen Bilingual Education.
✓ Exchange information of common interest.
✓ Discuss teaching proposals.
✓ Share experiences.
✓ Share expenses from common interests (50% +1) to all members of the Organization.
✓ Provide ethical and professional practices between schools.

Code of Ethics:

✓ Target the child's interest and well-being first.
✓ Do not hire professionals from other associated schools in the middle of the semester, without formal previous agreement with the former school.
✓ Do not use illegal or illegal methods in order to harm the other associated school.
✓ Promote the training and qualification of professionals, in order to improve the quality of services offered by members.
✓ Develop social projects that have a positive impact on society.
• Fellowship and exchange programs between affiliated schools.

The membership consists of an unlimited number of institutions that practice Bilingual Education in the different segments of education in which it operates and that fulfill the requirements established in this statute.

There are two categories of associates:
✓ Effective associates: schools that are part of the OEBi Board of Directors.
✓ Collaborating associates: affiliated schools that are not part of the Board of Directors.

The rights of associates are:

✓ Have your brand linked to a respected organization.
✓ Participate in the summoned meetings.
✓ Have your brand published on the OEBi website.
✓ Have access to the information exchanged between collaborating associates.
✓ Receive equal benefits arising from any and all negotiation between OEBi and companies from different sectors.
✓ Participate in social actions promoted by OEBi.
✓ Have the opportunity to share experiences and promote integration between associate institutions.

The duties of associates are:
✓ Always act with ethics, respect and transparency towards other affiliates, strictly following the rules provided for herein.
✓ Comply with agreements approved by the majority (50% + 1). Failure to comply with the agreement should be brought to the Board of Directors which shall review the case.
✓ Include the OEBi logo, mandatorily, on a standard plaque, at the school entrance, and make available the OEBi link on the school's website. The standard plate is provided by the Board of Directors.
✓ Have active participation when requested, attend 75% of the meetings called annually and provide all the data requested by OEBi.
✓ Not having an attitude of any kind that could compromise the Organization's image.
✓ Keeping all payable fees and future shares always on date.

Requirements for associates:
✓ Be a regularized school or in the process of regularization before the competent bodies. The regularization or the process must be proven through official documents.
✓ Accept and be governed by the Organization's rules and conduct.
✓ Be proxied at meetings by a professional who has full decision-making power on the issues addressed.
✓ Be bilingual.
✓ It is defined by bilingual:
Kindergarten Education: minimum 75% of the daily workload must be in a language other than Portuguese.
Elementary School: minimum of 1/3 of the daily workload must be in a language other than Portuguese.
Basic account: add the number of hours in which students are active (discount only lunch) and divide by 3. The number of hours in the second language must be equal to or greater than this value.
Example: student stays at school from 8.00 am to 3.30 pm = 7.30 - 1.00 lunch = 6.30 / 3 = 2.10 hours in English
Elementary and Secondary Education: minimum of 1/4 of the daily workload must be in a language other than Portuguese.
Basic account: add the number of hours in which students are active (discount only lunch) and divide by 4. The number of hours in the second language must be equal to or greater than this value.
Example: student stays at school from 8.00 am to 3.30 pm = 7.30 - 1.00 lunch = 6.30 / 4 = 1.38 hours in English

Admission, suspension, exclusion and dismissal
✓ To demonstrate interest in joining OEBi, the school must complete the registration on the website - I want to be associated with OEBi.
✓ The Managing Board will evaluate this register and continue the process.
✓ If the school does not meet the basic requirements, it will be informed and the process will not continue.
✓ If the school meets the basic requirements, it will be contacted by the Managing Board for the second stage.

Assessment Fee:
✓ The school interested in participating in OEBi must pay the referent to 1 (one) minimum wage.
✓ Schools outside the city of SP must bear all travel, accommodation and food expenses established by OEBi.
✓ The assessment fee must be paid per unit to be assessed.
✓ Franchise schools: for franchise chains the brand will only be accepted if all units are approved by OEBi.

✓ The admission commission, defined by the Managing Board, will schedule a visit to analyze the documentation of the school concerned, verify the dynamics of operation and fill out questionnaires.
Afterwards, the Statute Board will decide whether or not the school concerned is approved and will base its decision through a final evaluation report.
If the failed school wanted to adapt and request a new assessment, the entire process must be restarted, including the payment of the assessment fee.

Admission to OEBi:
✓The approved school must pay the amount of 8 (eight) minimum wages to join OEBi, be able to enjoy its benefits and participate in meetings, email groups, etc.

✓ When an associate violates the present statute or comes to perform activities that compromise the ethics, morals or financial aspect of OEBi, it will be subject to sanctions as follows:
✓Written warning.
✓Suspension of your rights for a determined time.
✓Exclusion of associateship.

✓The annuity fee must be paid by January 15th of the current year, and can be divided into up to 12 equal and consecutive installments, always due on the 15th of each month. For cash payment, until January 15, a discount of 7% is granted.
✓The amount stipulated for the annual fee is 8 (eight) minimum wages.
✓The amount collected will be used for actions previously approved by the Board of Directors.
✓In the first year, the first year will be charged the amount proportional to the annual fee (from January to December).

Steering board
OEBi is composed of the following bodies for its administration:
Managing Board
Social Action Board
Integration Board
Training Board
Marketing Board
Commercial Board
Admission Council

Meetings and General Meetings

Meetings of Collaborating Associates
✓ Collaborating associates are called by the Board of Directors for four (4) meetings.
✓ Attendance at 75% of meetings is required to remain at OEBi. Absences can be justified only by supporting documentation and approved by the Board of Directors.
✓ The schedule for these meetings is announced by the President at the beginning of the school year.
✓ The meetings must take place in an OEBi associate school located in Greater São Paulo.
✓ Collaborating associates can be represented by school professionals who have full decision-making power on the issues addressed.
✓ Only for schools located outside Greater São Paulo, the presence at the meeting can be virtual.
✓ The meetings of the collaborating associates are chaired by the President who elects a associate to execute and disclose the minutes.
✓ Any associate may request the inclusion or amendment of any items on the agenda, at least three days in advance of the meeting.
✓ Each meeting will last two hours and will be held with the associates present.
✓ All decisions made will be accepted by the other associates, even if they are not present at the meeting.
✓ In order to present company proposals, the school that wishes to do so must send the proposal to the Commercial Director who will proceed with the negotiations.